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Functional Nutrition Client Testimonials

What Clients in the Pioneer Valley are Saying about my Functional Nutrition Counseling Serivces

Since starting my business in 2021, I have helped my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with health challenges in their lives. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my counseling services, and contact me today to schedule your own session.


Jeanette is such a gently supportive and calming guide for navigating health issues. After years of being told what to do by health practitioners, Jeanette made me feel like I can listen to my body and find answers from within. Our meetings/appointments focus on health at the intersection of lifestyle and food choices, stress, and self-care. She’s helped me understand my psoriasis and gut health in a way that has empowered me to work through both issues holistically and with great intention, and actually see positive results! She’s an amazing listener and understands how to support you wherever you are in your path to wellness.

Mary Madera


I’ve been working with Jeanette for a few weeks now and I already feel positive change in my life. One big change has been in my ability to focus. This is important for me because a big part of my health issues involved experiencing brain fog and a general feeling of malaise and lack of energy. I’m feeling more focused, more motivated, and more hopeful about the future. My sugar cravings seem to decrease every week- something I never thought would happen! It isn’t easy changing your habits, but Jeanette makes it feel easy! She offers ample support both through her direct instruction and guidance, and through the many resources she sends. Jeanette provides an in-depth outline which helps you understand exactly how you should aim to structure your diet, completely eliminating the frustrating guess work of trying to figure it all out on your own. Jeanette is also receptive to feedback and will come up with personalized weekly goals that make sense for you and where you are at. I do not feel ashamed to say I need help or that I may have failed in an attempt one week- there’s always positive energy and hope to continue on and try new strategies. I highly recommend working with Jeanette!

Giorgia Alexander


Jeanette provides grounded guidance and relief from feeling lost, confused, and like you are just slipping through the cracks of conventional medicine. Jeanette cares about you and your journey. She will empower you with your own knowledge and hold you accountable to your goals. Working with Jeanette means you have someone on your side, working with you to figure out what's getting in the way of you feeling good. Most importantly she is a pleasure to talk to!

Naomi Silverman

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