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Specialized Sessions & Rates

$375 for a Personalized Diet and Lifestyle Success Plan

Personalized Diet and Lifestyle Success Plan

The initial payment covers your intake and assessment as well as two case reviews; one to complete your health history timeline, and one to review your mapped functional nutrition matrix and engage in the first functional nutrition counseling session. This is where we explain your bodily systems that most need attention and provide recommendations for moving forward. An additional counseling session is also included to ensure you are getting the education and support needed to effectively make the diet and lifestyle modifications required for you to begin the healing process. 
Functional nutrition counseling sessions are based on the knowledge, experience and strategies I have developed as a Functional Nutrition professional.  Book your spot today in this unique counseling program that will support you on your healing journey to better health!

Hourly rates $125 

Continued Success Plan Support

Walker's Functional Nutrition is a unique counseling program that fills a much needed gap in our current health care paradigm for the treatment of chronic illness. Ongoing counseling  sessions are recommended for at least a few months to assess, track and support your dietary and lifestyle changes and progress. It's also beneficial to figure out, if needed, what may be getting in the way of you making the changes required to improve your health. I understand that each individual that I work with has unique circumstances, needs and motivations to heal. Ongoing counseling sessions include a weekly phone and/or email support between sessions. Give me a call and let’s get the momentum going on your path to wellness.

Achievement Coaching

Have you been prescribed a specific dietary plan such as Autoimmune protocol, FODMAP, Gluten Free or any other diet that you’re just not sure how to successfully implement? Achievement coaching sessions are designed to help educate you on the whys, the how to’s and the psychology behind it all so that you have the support and accountability it takes to get over the hump of habit change. 

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