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As a health counselor

I educate, empower and inspire clients towards better health using diet and lifestyle modification. 

Northampton, MA wellness program using functional medicine principles

Do you feel lost, unsure, or ambivalent at times about how to implement recommendations of care for your health condition. Is conventional medicine not helping you to feel better?

 Are you struggling with:

  • autoimmunity 

  • digestive and gut issues

  • mental health difficulties

  • other chronic health issues

​As a certified Functional Nutrition Health Counselor in Western Massachusetts, I empower my clients and provide education on how to take control of their health, and how to do it naturally. I aim to inspire my clients to believe that people have an innate ability to heal and the strength not just to survive, but to truly thrive and improve their health span. If you are ready to take ownership of your health transformation this may be the counseling program for you.  


Why a health consultant using a functional medicine approach may be the missing link to your healthcare needs

Northampton wellness program empowers you to be the CEO of your health

  • You are in need of a person-centered, one-on-one online health consultant  to help you improve your digestive issues, better manage your autoimmune condition and/or improve mental health. 

  • You are feeling hopeless because you do not feel well and your conventional doctors are telling you that your labs are normal. 

  • Your doctors are not listening to you. They keep prescribing more medication, and you’re wondering how diet and lifestyle modifications recommendations from a functional nutrition counselor might help you break away from prescription drugs. 

  • You are seeking an educational consultant to help you better understand the interconnectedness of your bodily systems and lifestyle practices and how they impact your health. 

  • You need more support than your practitioner can provide from a wellness program in order to follow through on the diet and lifestyle care recommendations they have made.

  • You have reached your tipping pain point and are feeling motivated to make sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes that will improve your digestion and overall health, and you need a trusted health counselor to help you navigate your wellness journey and reach your health and wellness goals.

  • You want a health consultant who is well versed in an array of healing diet protocols, someone who can recommend the nutrients you could be depleted in due to eating certain foods and taking prescribed medication. 

  • You want a life coach that will guarantee to balance hormones and blood sugars, heal your gut, give you more energy, alleviate symptoms, lose weight, mediate stress, work on mindset, encourage movement, etc… You want a wellness program that empowers you to create a life led by your design and helps you find your True North to your health and wellness.

“We need to move beyond asking what drug will treat the symptoms, and instead ask what mechanism creates altered neurochemical or neurobiological function or systemic physiological change.”

— Jeffrey Bland

"Functional Nutrition is the future of healthcare."

-Andrea Nakayama


Board Certified Health Coach

American Association of Drugless Practitioners


Board Certified Natural Wellness Coach

The American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches


My Mission


My mission is to empower people naturally through diet and lifestyle modification to become the CEO of their own health. I am a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor that provides Functional Nutrition Counseling that educates, and supports clients in a therapeutic partnership to heal symptoms of autoimmunity, chronic digestive, mental health and other chronic health issues. I utilize systems, tools and frameworks to help calm, modulate and enhance health to uncover the multifactorial roots that cause many signs and symptoms people experience.

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If you are interested in a free discovery call to see if Walker's Functional Nutrition counseling services are a good fit for you.

Florence, MA 01062

(413) 695-4564

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